Bridging finance secured against an immovable property transaction

What is Bridging Finance?

Bridging Finance is a short-term advance that is secured against a future income resulting from a transaction involving immovable property, being the sale of said property or the registration of a bond or further bond over the property.

Bridging finance is used in property transactions when the Seller/Owner or Agent needs access to their money before the transaction is registered in the Deeds Office. Although the interest rates on bridge loans are often higher than conventional loans, they are extremely convenient and can offer immediate assistance with business or personal cash flow. A bridge loan provides immediate funds which are then paid back once the transaction has been registered in the Deeds office.

Maintain stability within your personal matters or business with cash flow solutions in the form of Bridging Finance.

We offer bridge loans on the following:

  • Agents’ commission discounting
  • Home sellers’ proceeds discounting
  • Advances for rates and taxes, transfer duty, VAT, levies and homeowners’ association levies
  • Further bonds discounting

What you need to qualify for bridging finance

Provide us with the details of your transaction (purchaser- and seller details as well as the property description) along with the name of the firm of attorneys handling the matter, together with the details of your contact person at the attorneys. We will forward all the necessary documentation to your attorneys for completion and signature. Once we have received all the signed and completed documentation we will inform you and the attorneys as to whether or not your application has been approved and then payment will be made.

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