Immediate access to money secured against a RAF claim

What is Road Accident Fund (RAF) Claims Discounting/Bridging?

Road Accident Fund (RAF) Claim Discounting or Bridging is an advance on your settled claim to finance any immediate expenses you have.

A Road Accident Fund Claim also known as a Third Party Claim is a claim by an individual or the dependants of an individual against the Road Accident Fund of South Africa. These claims arise where an individual suffered bodily injury, death or loss of income as a result of a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligent driving of a motor vehicle by a driver.

These claims can take years to get finalised in court or to be settled with the Road Accident Fund, which means that the claimants can be out of pocket or wait for a long time before receiving compensation for their injuries or losses. Once the matter is finalised or settled with the Road Accident Fund it normally takes about 3 months, but even up to 8 months, for the Road Accident Fund to make payment of the settlement amount. In some instances it can take even longer for the Road Accident Fund to make payment.

By making use of our Road Accident Fund Claims Discounting you need not wait so long for payment once the matter is settled. Once the matter is settled and finalised we are willing to advance up to 70% of the net proceeds due to the claimant depending on when the matter was settled and how long it is expected for the RAF to make payment.

Kindly email a copy of the court order to and the contact details of your attorneys after which we will send you the necessary documentation and explain the further process. Once we receive the signed agreement and supporting documents we will assess the application and on approval make payment of the approved discounting amount. The process is quick and easy!

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