Short-Term Business Loans, Road Accident Fund Claim Advances, Bridging Loans & Invoice factoring

At Equi-Advance we are always ready to assist and guide you through the loan application process. We offer the following types of short-term financing:

We offer short-term business loans and asset based finance to companies, trusts with at least three trustees, and closed corporations from R300 000,00 and up. The loan period can range from a minimum of one month up to twelve months, depending on your needs. We are open to negotiating the period of the loan to suit your needs.

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Our Road Accident Fund (RAF) claim advance service, also referred to as RAF discounting or RAF bridging finance can assist in bridging the gap between the time your claim has been settled and the time you receive your payout from the RAF.

A Road Accident Fund Claim is essentially a third-party claim by an individual, or the dependents of an individual, against the Road Accident Fund of South Africa. These claims arise when a person has suffered bodily injury, death or loss of income as a result of a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligent driving of a motor vehicle by a driver.

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Bridging loans on the sale of immovable property provides solutions to individuals or businesses to help them get access to their capital while waiting for the registration process to be completed. We offer bridging finance for the following:

  • Agents’ commission discounting
  • Home sellers’ proceeds discounting
  • Advances for rates and taxes, transfer duty, VAT, levies and homeowners’ association levies
  • Further bonds discounting

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Invoice factoring, also known as invoice discounting, is needed when your company has a cash flow shortage due to the fact that you are waiting for your clients to make payment on their invoices. This severely limits your ability to place new orders, expand your business or even pay your creditors and salaries at month end. Often, clients only pay 30 days, 60 days or even later after being invoiced, which means that your business could experience cash flow difficulties for an extended period of time. Clearly this type of scenario impacts negatively on any business’ growth potential.

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