Fast loans to offer relief to your business’ cash flow needs

We offer short-term business loans and asset-based finance to companies, trusts with at least three trustees, and closed corporations from R300 000,00 and up.

What are Short-Term Business Loans?

Short term loans offer immediate relief to a business’ cash flow, allowing a company to pay accounts payable, salaries, expand their business, take on new business and so forth whilst waiting for accounts receivable or for other more conventional finance to be put in place.

Short term loans must be paid back in a shorter period of time. The loan period can range from a minimum of one month up to twelve months, depending on your needs. We are open to negotiating the period of the loan to suit your needs.

For short-term loans we expect the client to provide security for the loan in the form of paid up immovable or movable property. Should the client have other forms of security we are willing to have a look at those too, but transactions are concluded far easier when immovable property is provided as security.

The monthly interest rate charged is determined on the merits of each individual transaction.

Should you be interested in securing a short-term loan, please contact us for a brief discussion regarding the proposed transaction. Thereafter, the application form needs to be completed and submitted, along with all the relevant supporting documentation as listed on the application form.

What can asset based finance do for you?

Asset based finance can provide a business with funding assistance in unlocking credit, conveniently. It is important, right from the onset, that you clearly understand your financial needs and the products that could best suit your requirements. This proves ideal funding, particularly in the short-term when needs unexpectedly occur.

Asset based finance needs can vary considerably: from cash flow injections to meet business working capital demands; funding for expansion; starting new projects; consolidation of numerous accounts and many other.

So how does it all work and what type of assets are we referring to when using this financing route?

Asset based finance is money that is advanced to your business against an asset. These are tangible assets and funders will usually prioritize preferred or acceptable assets on the basis of their liquidity or marketability. This simply means that those assets that can easily be sold or converted to cash will be preferred or in some cases be an exclusive loan condition. This places movable and immovable property right at the top. Cession of shares, valuable assets and similar belongings as well as company equipment – however the quality of these types of security or collateral will be looked at very closely.

Financial services providers, use the assets to lower their risk of recovery in the unfortunate event that the borrower is unable to pay the debt. A great benefit of the mechanics of asset based finance, has to be the quicker turnaround time in receiving funds as it is a more secured loan option.